We also enjoy educating potential franchisees. We do a complete assessment of the franchise system you are seriously considering. You don’t need a solicitor or Accountant as our report will be very comprehensive. We have seen hundreds of franchise systems and will tell you if the one you are considering has a good or bad track record. Our comprehensive report will also highlight the deficiencies in what the franchisor is NOT telling you about themselves and we will also highlight those issues within the franchise agreement that either we would NEVER AGREE to or at least make you a VERY EDUCTED BUYER! Remember you can only rely on this franchise offering documentation and NOT what the franchisor may have told you or promised in the way of field support.

You can send us all the documentation you have received from the franchisor you are keen on and we will do a complete legal, financial and commercial assessment of that documentation. That offering documentation will normally include, the franchisors Disclosure Document, their Franchise Agreement, and any Sales Material the franchisor has given you. Our job is to make you a VERY EDUCTED BUYER.. We all tend to make emotional buying decisions, but our report will be both very clinical and an eye opener for you.

It does not matter where you live in Australia. Just Email us the franchisors documents or if you must send them by post priority mail envelope and we will send back your documents and our report will be back to you, within one week in the same way.

You can either send us a cheque, or if it suits you, you can direct credit our nominated bank account. Our fee will give you all the facts on which to make your final buying decision and if not WHY NOT!

The report will give you a complete understanding of whether in our expert opinion you should proceed to purchase that particular franchise system. We will also answer any questions you may already have.
Our fixed fee is $2000 plus gst. It will be the smartest money you will ever spend. We have lost count of the unhappy franchisees we have spoken to who have said, God if only we had known you guys existed’!

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